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A.W. RUSH is the worldwide leader in legal search and strategic consulting. The members of the firm, all of whom are former practicing attorneys, have significant experience in recruitment, impeccable judgment, a thorough understanding of the legal field, and exceptional business acumen.

A.W. RUSH has decades of search experience. That combined with our extensive database, our deep industry intelligence, and vast array of contacts provide us with an advantage nonpareil and a unique ability to assist our clients and the professionals who seek our guidance and insight.

A.W. RUSH operates on a global basis so that we can present you with the breadth and depth of information you need to make the right choices. We are the preeminent firm in search, not only because of our integrity, diligence, acuity, and strategic approach, but also due to our unparalleled judgment.


A.W. RUSH engages in both retained and contingency search assignments depending upon our clients’ specific requirements. Additionally, we provide strategic counsel and structure initiatives including compensation modeling, human resource decisions, mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing.

A.W. RUSH spends the time learning about our clients and respects each of them as unique. We value time and appreciate that our clients reach out to us to produce the best individual as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. We have a value-added approach with a focus on our clients’ individual needs. We are committed to partnering with our clients in order to provide them with efficient, appropriate, and intelligent options.

A.W. RUSH is committed to diversity.

We look forward to working with you and leveraging our years of experience to unite you with exceptional attorneys and compliance professionals worldwide.

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