Our search process starts with the goal of ensuring the success of our clients and the professionals with whom we work. We employ methods that we have developed and honed over the three decades we have been in legal search.


We consult with you, and listen carefully. We discuss and assess your search in light of your strategic goals, helping you to clarify and articulate your ideal opportunity. We make sure we have in-depth knowledge of your background and expertise, client base (when relevant), economic criteria, objective and subjective preferences. We counsel you about the process and establish the best way to proceed given your specific needs and objectives. We always keep you and your goals as our top priority.

We take the time to intelligently assess opportunities and present them to you. We encourage you to ask us anything about the market to help you appreciate all possibilities. We diligently source ideas and options for your consideration. We discuss opportunities with you and seek your feedback. A.W. Rush provides you with the relevant information on the firms or clients we suggest, along with details of potential positions. We then focus on the options of interest to you, and we make sure we find the right fit to complement all your criteria.

We manage the process for you with the utmost confidentiality, integrity and careful attention. We discuss where you would like us to represent you, and then we reach out on your behalf. We never discuss you or send your information without your express authorization. All communication is strictly confidential.

We advise you as you throughout the process as you assess your options. We give you honest advice, making sure that your interests are always what guide our view. We understand that our stellar reputation is our most valuable asset. We will advise and counsel you with the honesty, integrity and insight for which we are known.



We consult with you, and listen carefully. We discuss and assess your firm or corporation’s hiring needs and overall strategic growth plans. We recognize that each organization is unique, so we ask you the seminal questions, and make sure we appreciate both your business and culture. Whether we are advising your organization on hiring, mergers, opening new offices, downsizing, compensation or public relations issues, we help clarify your goals and establish a plan to successfully move you forward.

We take the time to intelligently assess and present options to you. We introduce appropriate candidates to you only after we have met and evaluated them. Our vast network of contacts enables us to identify the best candidates for your specific needs. We advise you as to whom you should meet based on the parameters that were set. We provide you with feedback and insight from our communication with the candidates throughout the interview process.

We manage the process for you with the utmost confidentiality, integrity and careful attention. We maintain contact with all the candidates, schedule interviews, relay feedback to candidates in accordance with your suggestions. We are available at all times, and work with you on your schedule. We understand that the hiring process is not necessarily your only focus; however, it is our main focus.

We advise you about the market generally and then partner with you throughout the process. Each hire through us will be a step forward in the positive development of your organization, facilitating movement toward the strategic goals you articulated at the start of the search.

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