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A.W. Rush provides in-depth advice and counsel throughout the legal and business communities to attorney and compliance professionals, and law firms, corporations, financial entities, not-for-profits, and educational institutions.


At A.W. Rush we care about you. A.W. Rush has a substantial and diversified client base enabling us to locate opportunities and open doors for you throughout the market. We provide career coaching, including the key to intelligent interviews, resume review, and discerning market intel.

When you consider your next career move, call A.W. Rush to guide you.

A.W. Rush works closely with attorneys who have strong credentials, skills and experience. A.W. Rush helps you identify the options best suited for your individual needs; we then work strategically to connect you with the best opportunity based on your requirements. At A.W. Rush we have extraordinarily close and long-standing relationships with our vast array of clients which we use to your best advantage. We appreciate your individuality and employ our extensive network of contacts to find you the right opportunity.

Compliance Professionals:
We appreciate that you are a dedicated professional with a specific range of skill sets. Our clients care about exceeding both the compliance requirements and the ethical obligations to which they are bound. These clients are interested in finding professionals who share that goal. We work with extraordinary firms which will appreciate your skill set; firms which value compliance, regulations and ethics; firms where compliance and ethics are not merely buzz words but are an integral part of the culture. We have particularly close and long standing relationships with our clients, which gives us a unique ability to help you to manage your career. Our exceptional consultants will advise you and apprise you of your best options, then guide you to the right firm.



A.W. Rush is here to assist the global legal, corporate, compliance, not-for-profit, and educational communities with strategic legal and compliance related hiring needs.

A.W. Rush is engaged throughout the world by its clients for their hiring needs, to advise management about mergers, acquisitions, employee retention, compensation packages, and downsizing when necessary.

A.W. Rush opens domestic and international offices for law firms no matter what their size;

A.W. Rush orchestrates the establishment of new law firms;

A.W. Rush works on both retained and contingency assignments depending upon the specific needs of our clients. We are responsive to client needs, putting the success of our long-term relationships at the forefront of our approach.

At A.W. Rush we work with you until you successfully reach your goals.

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