A.W. Rush In Brief

A.W. RUSH: Global Intelligence A.W. RUSH is the unparalleled global leader in legal and compliance search. Our worldwide connections, talent, and extensive experience consistently provide us with the unique ability to identify, evaluate, and present the best choice for you. We help you to reach your goals, presenting our clients with outstanding talent, and professionals with the right opportunities. A.W. Rush is available 24/7 to assist you, employing our vast data bank, business acumen, percipience, and extraordinary insight into the legal market. A.W. Rush engages our global intelligence to work for your success.

A.W. RUSH: The Right Partner Professionals:
A.W. RUSH is The Right Partner to assist you with evaluating your career options, and then guiding you through your search. We give each professional with whom we work individual attention. Through in-depth discussions, we partner with you and help you to clarify and focus on your career goals. This enables us to help you identify the right opportunities for you.
Law Firms:
A.W. RUSH is The Right Partner to work with you to evaluate your strategic hiring needs in order to best identify and target appropriate professionals. Our extensive understanding of the practice of law and knowledge of the legal market allow us to effectively communicate your message. Our experience and vast array of contacts in the legal and business communities enables us to present you with the most appropriate professionals, ensuring a streamlined and successful hiring process.
A.W. RUSH is The Right Partner to guide and partner with you through each stage of the hiring process. Our ability to truly understand your corporate culture and hiring needs significantly reduces the time your company spends on hiring the ideal professionals. Our unparalleled database, network of lawyers, and broad contacts combined with our years of experience in search, allow us to quickly identify the most talented and appropriate professionals. We always take the time to meet, interview, and evaluate every professional we present to you.
Whether you are a professional, law firm, or corporation, A.W. RUSH is The Right Partner to assist you with your legal or compliance search.

A.W. RUSH: Helping You Achieve Your Goals Through in-depth consultations, A.W. RUSH helps you identify and evaluate your career goals. We partner with you to analyze and select your best options and assist you with choosing the opportunity that best allows you to achieve your objectives. A.W. Rush works on a global basis so we can provide you with the breadth and depth of information you need to make the right decision. Our extensive experience and contacts allow us to open the right doors for you, keeping your career options as comprehensive and innovative as possible. We are here to guide you through each stage of the process. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

A.W. RUSH: Finding You the Right Solution A.W. RUSH can find the right solution for you. We recognize that every career move and hire is significant and unique. Our placements are successful not only because of our unparalleled contacts and insight, but also because we take the time to meet with you, ask the key questions, and ascertain the motivations and strategy behind each search. We listen to you. A.W. Rush then harnesses our decades of experience and extensive market knowledge to partner with you to ensure a successful result. We guide you through the process and explore your options with you so that you choose the right solution for your search.

A.W. RUSH: We Recognize That You Are Unique Professionals:
A.W. RUSH recognizes that each professional is unique. We focus on you and take the time to appreciate your specific needs. We value your skills, experience, and individual requirements. We ask you the critical questions to help you identify your fundamental goals and aspirations. We present bespoke ideas and solutions, specifically tailored to your objectives. We keep your best interests at the forefront of the process, advising you objectively on all your options and then partner with you to help guide you throughout the process. We are known for being ethical, insightful, and dedicated to each professional with whom we work. We will work with you to find exactly the right fit for your unique circumstances and goals.
A.W. RUSH recognizes that each client is unique. We take the time to understand your firm, your strategic goals, your culture, client base, and vision for the firm's future. We ask you substantive questions so that we can understand the needs and objectives of your firm. We take pride in our well-deserved reputation for intelligence, integrity, diligence, success, and dedication to our clients. We present bespoke ideas and solutions specifically tailored to your objectives, enabling us to find your firm the right professionals expeditiously without losing sight of your specific search parameters.